Billboard Of U.s. Soldier And Muslim Sparks Controversy In California

Why Snoring Is Not Normal — One Dentist in Odessa Explains

Wrong. Snorestop, an anti-snoring sleep aid , commissioned the advertisement to show how it keeps couples together. Couples whose relationships are irreparably harmed by…snoring. Billboard of U.S.
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Snore lore: 5 facts about snoring

In addition to simply prohibiting a healthy night’s sleep, the effects of snoring can also lead to several health risks and complications. Some potential concerns listed on the site include: Breathing problems Inability to concentrate or focus during the day Decrease in cognitive abilities Sleepapnea (which can be potentially fatal) For people experiencing the negative effects of snoring, Dr. Rutherford offers oral appliances intended to be worn at night. Essentially, these oral appliances are designed to hold one’s jaw in a position that enables the airway to remain open and unobstructed throughout the night, therefore limiting the tissue vibrations in the throat that produce the snoring sound. Each oral appliance constructed by Dr.
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Billboard of U.S. Soldier and Muslim Woman Sparks Controversy

It’s estimated that those who (attempt to) sleep near snorers can lose an hour of sleep per night and may even experience higher blood pressure due to the noise. The solutions to the snore Your approach to soothing snoring will depend upon the severity of the problem. Treatments range from nose strips that hold airways open, to dental devices that reposition the jaw, and surgeries that remove the uvula or tighten the muscles in the throat. Some researchers have even found that playing wind instruments, particularly the Australian aboriginal instrument called a didgeridoo, can strengthen the muscles of the upper airway so it won’t collapse and lead to snoring. The best first steps would be to treat the source of the snore: clear up congestion, lose weight if you’re overweight, or talk to your doctor about other treatment options. For light snorers, the solution may be as simple as a change in sleeping position.
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Ten snoring cures

Katharine McPhee

I plead guilty to two or three glasses of wine each evening and a cigarette a day, but I don’t feel overweight. My mission: to stop snoring in ten days. First, says the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, I must test to see if the noise is coming from my nose or my throat. If you can make a snoring noise with your mouth open and closed, try this: stick your tongue out as far as it will go and grip it between your teeth. Now try to make a snoring noise. If it is reduced, you are probably a ‘tongue base snorer’ (your tongue is vibrating, causing the problem).
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